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Los números en español

En esta entrada vas a aprender aspectos curiosos sobre los números en español y también cómo decirlos. Parece un tema fácil, pero estudiantes de niveles intermedios y avanzados, a veces, tienen dudas sobre cómo se dicen algunos números en español. ¡Vamos con los números! Recuerda que la pronunciación de algunos números va a ser diferente

Planes y deseos en español con el verbo QUERER

VERBO QUERER. PLANES Y DESEOS EN ESPAÑOL We are starting a new year. I wish you all the best in this coming year. We should be positive and think that this new year will come full of good things. Do you know how to explain plans and wishes in Spanish? After reading this post, you

Colores en español

How many colors do you  know alredy in Spanish? Let’s double them together. After reading this post, you will increase your spectrum of colors in Spanish. You will be able to put more magic in your Spanish descriptions. Now, it is time to start reading, learning and practising in Spanish, that is why you are

Me gusta….

Me gusta… ¡Hola! In this post you are going to learn how to talk about likes and dislikes in Spanish related to summer activities. Are you ready? ¡Vamos! The idea of the verb “to like” in Spanish is a little bit different if you compare to English. Here you have an easy example: I like