¡Hola! I'm Blanca López

Speaking and studying three languages has given me a unique perspective on the joys and challenges associated with learning a new language.

We’re in the same boat and I’m here to help you steer that boat!

I am from Spain and was raised in Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real (Don Quixote’s land).

I studied to become a Certified Spanish Teacher with Instituto Cervantes and I started my own business in 2014. Additionally, I’ve taken part in several specialised courses, in order to complement my education and to improve my teaching skills to be able to teach online. I had the opportunity to work as Spanish instructor at Lakehead University and Confederation College in Northwest Ontario, Canada. 

In 2021, I got my certificate as DELE A1-A2 and B1-B2 examiner by Instituto Cervantes.

Since the very beginning, I’ve tried to make my lessons enjoyable and students responsible for their learning. I enjoy creating tailor-made lessons adapted to your needs while making them practical.

My philosophy as a teacher is that everyone should be taught in a way that makes you feel comfortable. My goal is to make students aware of their progress, thereby increasing their confidence.

To successfully learn a new language you need to converse with others, reflect, share ideas, ask and answer questions; all of which can make you a bit crazy at times. However, learning also involves a lot of laughter!

Do you want to know more about me?

Enamoured with nature, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Sciences. Traveling and living around the world, along with participating in language exchange groups, made me realized that I loved helping others improve their Spanish skills. I therefore decided to change career path and teach my mother tongue.

When not working, I travel around the world. I like discovering new cultures, taste different cuisines, etc. I also enjoy nature, outdoor activities and taking pictures, especially of nice landscapes.

If your interests are similar to mine, we will really enjoy our time together.

So, let's start!