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Beginner to intermediate level

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¡Hola! I'm Blanca López

I am from Spain and was raised in Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real (Don Quixote’s land).

I studied to become a Certified Spanish Teacher with Instituto Cervantes and started my own business in 2014. Additionally, I worked as a Spanish instructor at Universities and Colleges in Canada.

My lovely students say...

"My wife and I had traveled to numerous Spanish-speaking countries and I always wished I had the ability to communicate directly with the people who lived there. As an older student (I am retired) I had a lot of trepidation around learning another language. I was so happy to have found Blanca. She was always well prepared and professional and above all extremely patient. With her encouragement and expertise I was able to learn enough Spanish to get around confidently in most situations."
“Blanca has been my tutor for nearly five years. She’s easy to talk to and puts me at ease whenever we interact. She’s very supportive of my efforts to learn Spanish and is always ready to offer suggestions that will motivate me to reach my goals. I also like the fact that she’s a life-long learner. I know that she’s constantly applying her newly-learned skills to benefit me and all her other students. She’s very organized and plans all her lessons in advance. She’s a professional and, more importantly, a “keeper”! Thanks Blanca!”
“Blanca takes her time with each student and prepares a lesson tailored to your interests and desired uses for the language. She incorporates a variety of learning and helps you to start speaking from day 1. Blanca worked with me to level up my spanish quickly so that I would be prepared for my trip on time!”
“ I was very fortunate to meet Blanca when I had just retired and was searching for a teacher to help me learn to speak Spanish. We arranged one-on-one classes and I quickly progressed from beginner to intermediate level and, most important to me, I became confident enough to engage in conversations and take classes in different countries while travelling. Blanca’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Blanca is always prepared with a variety of learning materials and resources, including customized exercises in grammar and vocabulary to suit individual needs. Thanks Blanca for inspiring me to continue my spanish-learning journey! I know online classes are a great way to learn and I look forward to continuing classes with you on Skype.”

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